Alexis Sanchez’s Premier League debut for Manchester United didn’t exactly go to plan.

Losing 2-0 to his former club’s arch rivals, the Chile international failed to produce anything, and was even criticised by José Mourinho for dropping too deep during the second half.

It was a poor team performance overall, but one group who performed on Wednesday were the investigation unit of the Chacalluta police station, as they intercepted a huge shipment of counterfeit Manchester United shirts with Alexis Sanchez’s name on the back.

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Worth around 1m Chilean pesos (which equates to around £1200), the shipment, intercepted on a bus coming in from Tacna in Peru, is described at ‘lucrative’ by La Cuarta, who report the story on Thursday.

Strangely enough, it’s with this story that the daily newspaper open up their match report for the Spurs-Manchester United game, describing the police’s victory as a ‘success those led by Mourinho were not able to repeat on the pitch’.

Just a little post-transfer window fun.