To the shock of absolutely no one, Chelsea winger Willian has spoken to the Brazilian press once again this week.

At least he’s been interviewed by a different outlet this time, as he was invited on Fox Sports’ show Expediente Futebol.

Willian has again explained his situation with the Blues, since his contract with the club is expiring in three months.

“Really a very beautiful story that I built at this club, I have a very special affection for the fans, for the people who work there and I identified myself a lot here,” Willian told Fox Sports.

“Everyone knows that my contract ends now in a few months, so the renewal is really a difficult thing to happen, I think it will be very difficult for me to renew because Chelsea offered me two years, I asked for three and it ended there, we didn’t talk anymore, we didn’t negotiate anymore. Three years… Chelsea said it would be impossible, so for now theres this difficulty, but nothing is impossible.

“We don’t know what can happen, suddenly we could make a deal and get it right. But what I can say today is that my contract is going over and I will be free to negotiate with any team.”

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Regardless of staying at Stamford Bridge or not, Willian claims he’s still not returning to Brazil, since there are plenty of European sides who’ve been interested in him.

“For now, I don’t think about returning to Brazil, my goal is to continue in Europe. I believe I still have a market here, to continue playing at a high level for a few more years, so my goal is to stay in Europe.”

On the recent rumours linking him to the likes of Barcelona and Juventus, the player claims that nothing got to him so far.

“Really in the last few months this has happened, a lot of speculation. Nothing really concrete. The only negotiation I had was with Chelsea. The only proposal that Barcelona made to me was in 2018, after the World Cup. That year Chelsea didn’t accept it, didn’t want to sell me. It’s just speculation, there’s nothing concrete. It’s often more speculation.”

Regarding the end of his career, Willian says he’s still to decide whether he should do it in Europe or Brazil. But in case he chooses to return to his home country, there’s already a specific club he thinking of joining.

“I honestly cannot say whether I will return to Brazil and end my career here, or I will end in Europe or elsewhere. But if I really happen to return to Brazil, Corinthians would be a cool club to end at, to play for, it was the club where I was revealed, I have a special affection. I’m a professional, I don’t rule out any other club, but more for Corinthians, which I have a special affection for. It would be more on that side.”