Chelsea midfielder Willian has always made it clear how much he loves London. Now living in the city for almost four years, the fact he’s well adapted is often brought up by him when he’s asked about a transfer away.

The Chelsea player was interviewed by Brazilian TV channel SporTV this week, and with the chat happening in front of the Tower Bridge, most of the questions were about his love for the English capital.

Willian confirmed he will be entering a process to acquire a British citizenship soon. That’s because he plans to continue living in London with his family for many years.

“It is a city where I have adapted very well,” Willian told SporTV. “Even before I lived here I already liked it. Always in my free time, when I wasn’t playing here I would come here. Now I’m getting close to four years living here.

“It’s an incredible city, the family is also well adapted, so I’m super happy.

“Its priceless for me to see my daughters, to give them the best, for them to study out of Brazil, they can speak English, they already have the British accent, to raise them here, to have a tranquility, this is priceless”.


The only European city where Willian has spent more time than in London was Donetsk, where he played for Shakhtar between 2008 and 2013. But he says it was totally different.

“There is no comparison. Donetsk is a very small town, there’s nothing to do. My routine in Donetsk was training, home, home, training, training, home, concentration, play, return home.

“When you arrive in London, a city like this, there are many things to do, so here I always try to make the most of it. I try to have dinner with the family, spend the day with the family, also going to the parks and some places.”

The reporter asked Willian if a wish for UK citizenship would stop him from joining a club from abroad, and gave China as an example. The player confirmed it.

“Of course money is important, no one can survive without money. But money is not everything. If I can get this British citizenship… I can start to do documents next year, you have to take a test to get that passport too. Surely this passport can open doors in the future.”

“I can get my passport and I can get it for my family too. That’s the purpose I have. Besides the objectives on the pitch, besides enjoying the country, getting this passport would be another prize for me.”

Asked if Brexit is frequently mentioned among Chelsea players, he says: “I’ve never heard anyone commenting on it, so I’ll try to get my passport as soon as I can and I’m out of danger to leave (laughs).”