It’s ‘time to make cash’ report Marca on Friday as they cover Real Madrid’s transfer business.

The club have already made some impressive signings this summer, including finally getting Eden Hazard from Chelsea, and before they move again they’d feel more comfortable if they’ve got some exits sorted out.

Marcos Llorente is off to neighbours Atletico Madrid for around €40m, and now the next possible sales are being looked at.

Marca believe Chelsea ‘intend’ to sign Mateo Kovacic, having had the Croatian midfielder on loan from Madrid last season. The price is put at around €55m, and it’s thought there’ll be no problems with registration despite the ban in place at Stamford Bridge.

This is because the player has already been registered last year as a loanee. There’s been no absolute FIFA clarification on that, but it’s not thought to be an issue.

Other clubs have been interested in Kovacic, yet Marca push Chelsea forward as the likeliest.

Given Madrid’s need for money, the Blues may try to knock the price down a little.