Chelsea winger Willian has been giving lots of interviews this week, and one of them was with ESPN Brasil.

Before the chat, the outlet filmed the player trying to teach an English journalist to play a tambourine. The 31-year-old said he could be a musician if not a footballer, and then the serious talk started.

Willian began by speaking of the youngsters who have been doing well for Chelsea at the start of season, getting big chances due to the club’s transfer ban.

The Brazilians says the boys should get in the team ‘slowly’, and can count on his help to succeed for the Blues.

“I think it’s part of football. Every team sometimes starts launching some academy players, new players,” Willian told ESPN Brasil. “When I went up to the pro, and always saw players going up, it’s slowly, right?”

“You will slowly gain maturity, experience, and that’s what is happening here. New players, players with great talent. And from my part, whatever I can help with, I feel already experienced at my age. But I feel like a child, right? Every day we seek learning too. But whatever I can do to help these new players, I will do.”

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Regarding Chelsea’s struggles during Frank Lampard’s start at the club, Willian says this is completely normal for a new manager, claiming that he’s been through this a lot since he arrived at the Stamford Bridge.

“In six years here at the club, I’ve had five coaches. Each one with his work philosophy, so it’s changing the work philosophy every year, right. So this is normal. I think over time we will fit in. Of course there is no way to compare with City, with Liverpool, where the managers have been there for 4 or 5 years, players already know what the work philosophy is, already know what they have to do.”