Celtic Women star Ana Marcos has admitted she was ‘overwhelmed’ by the reception she received when she joined the club.

The Spanish star moved to Parkhead on loan from Atlético Madrid in February in a deal that is set to expire in the summer.

Her arrival at Celtic was met with much fanfare, with many hoping the striker, who managed 54 goals in 61 games for Atlético’s B Team, could replicate those number to help the club in their title challenge.

The move represents an extreme change for Marcos, who goes by the name Anita, who has had to adapt to the considerably different environment in Scotland quickly.

She, though, says that the most overwhelming thing about the transfer was the reception she received upon her arrival.

“I was a bit overwhelmed with so many interviews when I arrived because I’m not used to it,” she told Marca.

“Here they speak English very strongly, very fast and it was a real shock for me.

“I’m in a historic club with a number that’s been worn by a football legend, what more could I ask for?

“I was very relieved to know that I was going to have a coach who would understand me and who had also bet on me.

“I hope that I can give him and the whole club back the confidence and the treatment I am receiving in these first few days.”

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Unfortunately for Anita, she is yet to get properly going in Scotland, with the outbreak of Coronavirus bringing a halt to all football in the United Kingdom.

She managed one game for the break, however, enjoying a 2-1 win over fierce rivals and reigning champions Glasgow City.

That game gave her a taste of what life will be like at her new club, and she’s hoping she can give a lot to Celtic during her time there.

“I like Scottish football. It’s more physical and less technical than the Spanish one, but for strikers like me, it’s great.

“It takes the body, the cons, the offsets to the back… I think Celtic can give me a lot and I can give him a lot too.”

How much Anita can give to Celtic during her time at the club will be heavily determined by how quickly the UK can get COVID-19 under control.

At the moment the virus is continuing to spread, with the government having already put the country into lockdown in an attempt to slow the spread.

Anita had the chance to return to Spain during the enforced isolation but says she turned it down as travelling would have been a risk to her health.

“I had the opportunity to return to Spain, but I preferred to stay,” she added.

“My parents had moved to Burgos, and I would have to stay in Madrid with my aunt and uncle.

I would have to stop off in London, where there are many cases, and I didn’t want to risk the health of my family by spending the lock-in at home.

“Besides, the club has provided us with all the material imaginable so that we can continue training and keep fit for the day when the competition can be resumed.”