A week ago, we covered reports from Spain about the future of Víctor Camarasa.

It’s been said that the player has turned down the chance of staying at Cardiff City, since he’s been waiting for ‘better proposals’ to move in the summer.

Camarasa is currently loaned to the Premier League side by Real Betis, and his contract says he should return to Spain at the end of the season.

Now in an interview with Radio Marca Sevilla, the 24-year-old doesn’t sound very certain about his future. He’s claimed he still doesn’t know if Betis will want him back, and that could have a big impact for him once his loan spell ends.

“I have a contract with Betis and I’ve been very happy there, I’ve felt very comfortable,” Camarasa told Radio Marca (via El Desmarque).

“We’ll see about my future, it’s up to both parties, I still can’t say anything because I don’t know what Betis wants. I’ll do the preseason and you’ll see.”

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Camarasa has five goals and four assists in 31 games for Cardiff City this season. When covering the interview, El Desmarque only says he’s been ‘fighting against relegation’ in the Premier League, but doesn’t even mention the possibility of a permanent move.