Leander Dendoncker to West Ham rumours have certainly been an eyebrow raiser.

Given how seriously the Belgian media initially pushed their claims of West Ham making contact over the player, it looked certain there was something in it.

A day later, the stories carried on. West Ham were said to be insistent on signing the midfielder, and a fee in the region of €20m was suggested.

Now things have taken another step forward. Anderlecht general manager Herman Van Holsbeeck has been speaking to DH, and when when speaking about transfers he had it put to him: “Dendoncker, on the other hand, is highly courted, notably by West Ham.”

Van Holsbeeck responded: “If you let go of your centrepiece, it must be for a lot of money and we must also be able to find someone to replace him, even for 6 months via a loan.”

DH then asked: “It can be done?”

The Anderlecht boss answered: “If there’s €25m or €30m on the table, it can be done, yes.”

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That sounds like brilliant news for West Ham interest, and they’d probably be able to get the player for €25m, or even a little less, if no other clubs come in.

But where are the other clubs? Dendoncker is considered a brilliant midfield prospect, and he’s been linked to some huge clubs including Manchester United.

If West Ham want to pull this one off they probably need to be quick and not be too fussed about saving €5m here or there. Perhaps just go in and pay the €25m with some fanciful bonus payments, based on European qualification or other lofty aims, which allow Anderlecht to brag about a higher price.