TMW often publish big ‘Esclusiva’ stories which don’t seem to have anything to do with Italy, and so are easy to doubt, but this time there may be a little more to it.

It’s still worth a pinch of salt before believing this is their own information, but TMW reckon Southampton are in pole to sign Theo Walcott, with Newcastle United also in the picture for the Arsenal player.

It’s thought Walcott’s future club will be known ‘within a few days’, with TMW pushing the idea of a move to Southampton on loan with a redemption clause or a straight permanent transfer.

The Italian slant is because several Serie A clubs have also been linked with Walcott in recent days, but TMW don’t think they’d want to compete on finances. Italian clubs are said to be uninterested in a permanent transfer or a loan with an obligation to buy, meaning they’ll stand back and watch Southampton and Newcastle fight it out.

Arsenal are said to be looking for a permanent transfer or a loan with a €20m purchase obligation.