To the absolute shock of no one, the Mac Allister family continues to make it to the headlines in the Argentine media.

This time it’s Francis Mac Allister who’s spoken to the local press, commenting on the transfer that his brother Alexis made to Brighton & Hove Albion earlier this year.

There’s been some controversy back in January, when the Seagulls paid Boca Juniors to anticipate the move, which was originally agreed for June.

Alexis said at the time that the Argentine club only wanted more money instead of valuing him. That’s why he didn’t fight to stay for longer, having accepted the move to Brighton.

Now his brother Francis went to the defend him in an interview with TNT.

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“For my part, I’m very happy with the step Alexis took, he went to the best league in the world. To continue learning, to continue growing, to continue progressing. And I’m happy with what he has achieved in such a short time at Boca.

“Because he came as a gamble, quietly, and from the first moment he won the place, scored important goals, put the team on his shoulder. Then everyone will have their opinion. I’m proud that he left making things clear and telling the truth.”

It’s Olé who covers the quotes, and they wonder if Boca Juniors will respond to these comments in the near future. With directors and coaches all at home during quarantine, we wouldn’t be surprised to see them making it a media war once again.