If Samuel Umtiti thought scoring against Valencia would win the Spanish media back over then he’s sorely mistaken, at least as far as Marca are concerned.

The Barcelona defender has been pushing for a big pay rise recently, with the unsaid threat he’ll move elsewhere if he doesn’t get what he wants. Manchester United are said to have offered €9m after tax per season and Umtiti has, according to the various claims, been pushing Barcelona for the same amount of money as he could get at Old Trafford.

Unfortunately for the Frenchman, his request for money has come at the same time as a dip in form and that hasn’t gone down well at all. Umtiti wanting more money, and the believed flirting with Manchester United, had already given reason for annoyance, especially because he’s not been at the club that long.

Towards the end of last week we covered claims which stated Barcelona won’t match what Manchester United have offered, and if he doesn’t like it then he can go for the €60m clause and Barcelona will sign Clement Lenglet from Sevilla for €30m.

In their Sunday edition, Marca say Umtiti was better in attack than defence for Barcelona on Saturday.

Marca state: ‘Since he opened his mouth to ask for more money he has not performed with a ball. Yesterday he was better in attack than in defence. If he keeps asking for the galactico wages, bring the €60m and a goodbye will be very good. And then go with €30m for Clement Lenglet.’

From a Manchester United perspective, it would obviously be good news if Jose Mourinho is interested and the wages offer has been true. But perhaps Umtiti is being taught a lesson, and it could be one he needs to learn.