As Brighton & Hove Albion fans have probably read a few times by now, the Mac Allister family is pretty famous in Argentina.

Besides having Alexis playing for the Seagulls in the Premier League, his father Carlos used to be a fullback for Boca Juniors, and his two brothers Kevin and Francis currently feature for Argentinos Juniors.

The Mac Allisters have taken advantage of their fame this week to help in the fight against Coronavirus.

The three brothers, along with their mother Silvina Riela, have recorded a video telling the Argentine people to stay home so they can stop the virus from spreading.

In Alexis’ part, he mentions how hard it’s been to stay away from his family since moving to England.

“The distance and the pandemic have shown me that family and social responsibility are the most important. Stay at home and take the time to recreate the link with yourself and reconnect with yours,” said the Brighton midfielder, who’s chosen not to go back to Argentina.

Argentina currently has 1715 Coronavirus cases, with 62 deaths confirmed. That makes them the fourth most affected country in South America, following 699 deaths in Brazil, 220 in Ecuador and 107 in Peru.