Brazilian TV channel Globo had a long feature on David Luiz at the weekend.

They’ve followed the Chelsea defender during his holidays, showing how the player enjoys his time off, and also had an interesting interview about Luiz’s career and what he expects for the future.

David Luiz took his family to Jericoacoara, a small paradise in the North East of Brazil. But despite the month he had to relax, the beaches were also a place for him to keep his form, where he would take at least one hour for some physical training everyday.

Speaking of the decisions he had to make in his career, David Luiz was once again asked about his return to Chelsea. The player made it clear that accepting to receive nearly half of the salary he had at PSG was totally worth it: “I wanted to leave Paris Saint Germain for challenge, for ambition. Because I hadn’t won the Premier League. And I went. And I went in search of something that touched my heart. I think experiences in life are worth more than any money.”

When asked about the national team manager Tite, who called him up after a few years out of the squad, David Luiz revealed the Brazil boss is an inspiration for his future: “Being the manager of the national team is one of the most important positions of our country, and today I am happy that one of the most important positions of our country is being filled by a person who prepared for it.

“And I have him today as an example. I want to be a manager in the future. His way of managing, the psychological, dealing with human beings is not easy.”

Luiz certainly has a lot of experience to pass on if and when the Chelsea defender becomes a manager.