In the past few days, we’ve been reading pretty much everything about Philippe Coutinho in Brazil. Some sources say Liverpool will not sell him, others claims he’s asked to leave the club, and there are even stories saying that Barcelona’s announcement is imminent.

And local news agency Estadão Conteúdo has an interesting story today, saying that Coutinho actually isn’t interefering in the negotiations.

It was ESPN Brasil who claimed that Coutinho told Jurgen Klopp he wants to leave, but probably in order to have some professionalism, Estadão avoids going against another Brazilian outlet and says the reports ‘from Spain’ are not true.

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They claim the player has been neutral in the negotiations and won’t put any pressure for the transfer to happen.

The article is only meant to deny the other reports, because despite having nine paragraphs, that’s the only exclusive information on it. It means Estadão had something to say, and the Brazilian outlets, who are usually reliable, keep getting different information from different sources.