For as long as we can remember, Juventus have been ‘preparing’ a bid for Liverpool’s Emre Can without ever pulling the trigger.

The reason behind this is probably because they know the Reds aren’t that willing to sell the German midfielder, even if he only has one year left on his current deal at Anfield.

The amount of the offer that has never been offered has vacillated from €20m to €30m, depending on how the newspaper feels at that particular time, but never have Liverpool ‘set a price’ for the 23-year-old.

That changed on Wednesday.

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According to Corriere dello Sport, while Juventus are still very keen on Emre Can, they don’t particularly want to overpay for him due to his contract situation.

Despite being willing to go to a maximum of €25m for the former Bayer Leverkusen starlet, the Serie A champions would much rather that figure go down by €5m or so if possible, but Liverpool have other ideas.

The Italian newspaper say the Reds would be open to negotiations, as long as the starting price is around €30m.

This is Liverpool basically saying “If you really want him, come and get him”.

Let’s see if Juventus take the bait.