AC Milan are looking at a potential move for Celtic midfielder David Turnbull, who they consider to be a ‘very interesting profile’ to be looked at.

That’s according to intermediary and talent scout Michele Fratini, who says the 24-year-old is being analysed by the Serie A giants.

The newspaper details how Milan are looking for another midfielder to add to their squad and Turnbull is part of the list of options as he is “reminiscent of former Inter player Ivan Perišić in his movements.”

They believe the Celtic man is good at managing the ball and running with it, as well as being ‘good at blocking and initiating action’.

These things, coupled with his ability to shoot from range and his comfort using both feet mean he is a player who could be worth targeting.

A deal is potentially there to be done too as he has ‘broken verbally’ with Celtic and his contract expires in 2024, meaning a sale in January would make sense.

The belief is that he can be got for €8-10m in the winter window, otherwise Milan will have to hope to be chosen from ‘a very vast list of suitors’.

They’re one of several Italian clubs who are looking at the Celtic man, who has seven goals in 11 league games this season and who could be another Lewis Ferguson, who has been shining for Bologna and earning himself attention as well.