Fiorentina youngster Michael Kayode would have to end up at a club like Arsenal, should the Italian side ever decide to sell him in future.

That’s according to his former manager Antonio Soda, who has been speaking about the youngster to TV Play, via Viola News.

Kayode has been impressing for Fiorentina this season, with six appearances in Serie A already and 44% of the available minutes played to date, as well as three appearances in the Conference League.

The 19-year-old appears to be a player to keep an eye on moving forwards, and there have already been several reports that Arsenal are watching him.

Several claims throughout October indicating they were having the defender scouted, with the last making it clear that they were ‘above all’ in the growing list of suitors for him.

Every indication has been that they could be planning a move for him in the near future, and Soda believes that would make perfect sense, as his former pupil is destined for a club of that magnitude.

“I played him when he was 16, I could see something important in him. I chose him when he was a child, but then he also grew physically,” he said.

“A good young man repays the trust you give him when you play him. (Duel with Kvara?) He doesn’t think about who he has in front of him.

“He doesn’t do it on purpose, but because he relies on his qualities, since he also comes from the world of athletics. He is a guy who has respect and deserves everything he has achieved.

“I would take him to the European Championship, because he is a player who can become really strong, who has already been sought after by Arsenal.

“(Future?) It depends on Fiorentina, which is an important club, but if they were to sell him, it would have to be a team like Arsenal. (Serie A giants?) It might already be too late, but he would be perfect to be entrusted with the right lane for many years.”