Steven Defour hasn’t had the impact at Burnley many expected him to. Some good early season performances, especially against Hull City and Watford, weren’t built upon.

The player’s backers seem to blame Sean Dyche and other circunstancial reasons for Defour’s failure to shine. Belgium’s HLN have taken a look at the situation, and they claim Defour is ‘unhappy’ at the Premier League club.

HLN say: ‘When he played, he did well. He is a darling of the fans, because technically he’s the best player in the team… Yet Steven Defour is unhappy at Burnley. The football of his coach, Sean Dyche, is not his own – typical English style. Moreover Dyche continues to doubt his engine.’

Niggling injuries haven’t helped, but HLN say it ‘stings’ Defour that he hasn’t completed a full Premier League match for Burnley. It’s also said to ‘sting’ that recently he hasn’t got off the bench.

Maybe things were wrong from the off, with HLN adding Defour ‘never signed with full enthusiasm for Burnley – his preference was for sunshine and desert.’