Prior to Lille’s match against Aston Villa, we covered many stories from the French media that were focused on Emiliano Martinez, stating there’d be a negative reaction against the goalkeeper who was a hero in Argentina’s World Cup title against Les Bleus in 2022.

Fan groups even came out and said the goalkeeper would be targeted relentlessly, and many media articles spoke like Lille, and their supporters, could get revenge for the whole of France.

When covering those claims, we pointed out that the player would hardly be intimidated by the French fans, as he used to play in much more hostile grounds back in his home country and seems to love all the attention around him.

Well, in absolutely hilarious developments that we can only thank the Football Gods for, Martinez ended up being the face of Aston Villa’s qualification for the Conference League semifinals after saving two penalties.

Now, as French pundits continue to look ridiculous with their insults, Argentina newspapers Olé and La Nación show up to highlight the national hero.

Both newspapers have him on their front pages today, and it’s a picture of the goalkeeper telling Lille fans to shut up. ‘A second of silence’, says Olé’s headline, while La Nación comes with ‘He’s done it again’.

It’s hard to summarise the words the Argentine newspapers bring for Dibu, as the Aston Villa goalkeeper is actually becoming a legend in his home country.

While we can only imagine what they’ll say if Unai Emery’s side win a title, we’ll highlight what is said on Olé’s front page, which sums it all up well in few words.

‘The French harassed the best goalkeeper in the world: he saved two penalties, as in the Qatar final, beat them, shut them up and danced.’

Olé also add these pearls of wisdom: ‘What the French do not see is that for a temperament like Dibu’s, this hostility magnifies him, makes him almost invincible, gives him – as he said – additional “fuel” to bring out the best in himself.

‘What the French who gossip and insult him do not see is that this reminds Dibu of the best moment of his sporting life, when Argentina was world champion and France was second.’

Ok, we’re off for a flask of Yerba Mate and a bowl of Dulce de Leche.

En unión y libertad!