Bastian Schweinsteiger is probably a figure Manchester United wouldn’t mind having around at the moment. As the club have picked up injuries and suspensions towards the end of the season, Jose Mourinho’s squad has looked rather thin.

Letting Schweinsteiger and others go midway through the season may not have been the wisest move.

Louis van Gaal brought Schweinsteiger so his experience could help what was then a very young Manchester United squad, with players being brought through from the youth ranks. The German midfielder is a great example of a wonderful football career.

Mourinho wasn’t as keen to have Schweinsteiger as part of the fold and he was ostracised, brought back in, pushed back out again, and ultimately allowed to join Chicago Fire.

Following Schweinsteiger’s exit, Mourinho made a point of apologising publicly to the footballer and admitting he’d made mistakes. As is almost always the case, the words were more to serve Mourinho than anyone else, and Schweinsteiger isn’t a great enemy to have in football.

Speaking to German newspaper Bild, Schweinsteiger was asked if he was pleased when Mourinho admitted making mistakes.

“Yes,” said Schweinsteiger. “He also told me personally. But to do that in front of the media, too, there’s something to that.”

When asked if he’ll feel part of the victory should Manchester United win the Europa League, the 32 year old said “I was glad that I was allowed to play 28 minutes (against St-Etienne). But as I play for Chicago Fire, the title would not feel like as if I was in the Manchester United squad.”