Jordan Amavi to AS Monaco is creeping around the French media on Tuesday.

Le Figaro, one of the country’s biggest newspapers, says Monaco interest in the Aston Villa defender has returned to the table ‘in recent hours’. It’s in various other newspapers and on countless websites, with everybody crediting back to this week’s edition of France Football.

However, France Football only have a sentence on the potential transfer. A single, solitary, sentence.

It reads: ‘Rejected by Sevilla after his medical visit, Jordan Amavi could bounce back in France. The left back interests AS Monaco, in search of a successor to Benjamin Mendy, who left for Manchester City.’

‘Rejected by Sevilla after his medical’ seems to be a prefix for Amavi these days, which is a real problem for the player and Aston Villa. Whilst it may be accepted by many that something quite strange happened at Sevilla, and a failed medical probably isn’t close to being the whole truth, it’s still a stain.

Clubs won’t pay as much, using that as an excuse, and it will put some off completely. That’s why Sevilla’s actions, in leaking the ‘failed medical’ to the media so excitedly, whether true or not, were pretty distasteful.

As for Monaco interest being reborn, it makes sense, and could be a great chance for Amavi. They may even be prepared to pay Aston Villa a reasonable fee, given their recent income, and then give the 23 year old a great platform.

The dream scenario is Aston Villa sending Amavi to Monaco for €10m plus 20% of a future fee, him doing amazingly well, and then being sold for the standard €50m Monaco fee in a year or two. Even if just to put two fingers up to Sevilla, and their ‘medical’.