Jordan Veretout appears to be the centre of attention of the French transfer market at the moment, and you can’t really blame them.

The 23-year-old midfielder, albeit not having the greatest of season with Aston Villa, is still a very talented midfielder, which is why the now-Championship club bought him in the first place, and a few Ligue 1 clubs would be prepared to help him relaunch his career.

According to La Gazette des Transferts, Lille, Bordeaux and Toulouse would all be interested in the former Nantes star, but only on loan.

Considering Aston Villa paid £7m, and that such sums are quite considerable in Ligue 1, few teams would be willing to transfer him permanently, so a temporary deal could suit all parties.

Probably preferring to return to Ligue 1 than playing Championship football, the midfielder could spend a year back in France, while Villa attempt an instant promotion back to the Premier Leagu,e to then return to England’s first division.

Alternatively, if Veretout has a good season in Ligue 1 but Aston Villa remain in the Championship, the Midlands club could then hope to sell him at a profit.

As for the bad scenario of Veretout being loaned out and performing poorly while Aston Villa fail in their bid for promotion, it’s probably best to not think about that one too much.