Aston Villa goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez found himself in a small controversy in his home country over the past few days.

As the 28-year-old gave an interview to the Argentine media, he was asked about his love for his old club, as happens in most chats with South American footballers.

When speaking to ESPN, Martinez claimed he wasn’t happy with how Independiente have been managed lately, and that made him lose some of his feelings for the club.

“I followed Independiente a lot, I had great affection for them, but with all the bad things they did, the president changes, I lost a little of that love I had for the club.”

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As reported by TyC Sports, his quotes didn’t go down very well in Argentina, where Independiente fans started questioning the Aston Villa man and even wondering if that meant he wouldn’t play for the club ever again.

That’s why Martínez went to Twitter to clarify the situation, telling fans that his feelings won’t change plans for his future.

“To be clear, Independiente is the club of my love, the only team that I’d play for in Argentina.”

Martinez left Independiente in 2010, when he was 18, to join Arsenal’s academy. That’s why there’s the feeling that he should have another spell at the Alavaneda side, although it looks like it will take a while until he gets back to Argentina.

Signed by Aston Villa last summer, he’s agreed to a four-year contract with the club, and doesn’t look ready to go back home yet.