Manchester United fullback Alex Telles spoke this week to ESPN Brasil. In a very relaxed chat with reporter Eduardo de Menezes, he mostly talked about funny stories in his career and his current teammates at the Red Devils.

It’s not a secret that the 28-year-old is a music lover, as he plays several instruments and is often seen signing songs. So there were a few questions about it.

Telles talked about the many times he was asked to perform at the national team, his influence on taking Brazilian music to Manchester United’s squad, Paul Pogba’s dances and especially about Bruno Fernandes’ role as the dressing room’s DJ.

The fullback was quizzed if Fernandes has been doing a good job on the songs he chooses, and made a few jokes claiming his teammate doesn’t have the same ability as he does when playing football.

“I think you said a very good phrase. He’s wavering. What he is on the pitch he’s not as the DJ,” Alex Telles told ESPN Brasil.

“We say ‘hey, put a song on there, Bruno’. Then the music is playing, we ask him to put on a real song (laughs).”

Telles says Fred even found a nickname for DJ Bruno: “We sometimes call him DJ Scissors. Because DJ Scissors is the one who cuts the music in half. The music is playing and out of nowhere he changes and puts on another one. This is more Fred who jokes with him. So he cuts the music off and a DJ can’t do that.”