Claims this week from English newspaper The Independent, about Arsenal being keen on Andre Gomes, have made their way to Spain and caused a little fuss.

Barcelona are keen to sell the Portuguese midfielder and have been for some time, so the idea of a new club being interested in Gomes is very much welcomed, especially when it’s a big English side like Arsenal.

According to Catalan newspaper Mundo Deportivo, Gomes has four offers that he is ‘studying carefully’. One of those is Arsenal, who are prepared to make an ‘economic sacrifice’ to make the deal happen.

That sacrifice would be Aaron Ramsey, with the Welsh international being sold and Gomes coming in. Ramsey has a year left on his contract with the Gunners and something will have to happen either way soon.

But Gomes just hasn’t shown in recent years that he’s better than Ramsey so it would be something of a gamble for Arsenal. Maybe the Catalan media are overstating the interest from London.