Prior to today, Max Allegri to Arsenal has been more of an English thing than an Italian one, so we’re not sure if the insistence from this side of the Channel has had an influence, but Gazzetta dello Sport are now putting the Gunners as the favourites to land the manager should he leave Juventus.

Before that happens, however, he would need to decide to try his luck elsewhere than Turin, which is far from a guarantee.

Having won everything bar the Champions League with the Serie A leaders, Allegri could be tempted to start a new adventure, and Gazzetta explain ‘Arsenal appears to be the most plausible solution’.

Why? They don’t go into detail, but we’re guessing he’d relish the challenge of taking the Gunners back to where they once belonged.

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However, Chelsea are also mentioned, but only due to the fact they are ‘another prestigious touchline set to be free this summer’.

Another option that Allegri has apparently been considering is doing what all the cool managers have done of late: take a sabbatical.

It worked for Pep Guardiola and Jürgen Klopp, so why shouldn’t Max Allegri be allowed a bit of downtime after four exhausting seasons in charge of the biggest Italian club around?

Because this is all very complicated, Gazzetta are kind enough to give us one of their percentage pie charts, which goes as follows: 

  • Chances of staying at Juventus: 40%
  • Leaving for Arsenal: 30%
  • Going to Chelsea: 20%
  • Gap year travelling south-east Asia (we’re not sure what his plans are, to be honest, this is just a guess): 10%