Italian outlet Tutto Mercato Web today features an interview with Ronny Rosenthal, who played for three English sides back in the 90s.

One of those clubs was Tottenham Hotspur, who the former attacker joined in a move from Liverpool in 1994 and stayed for two and a half years, before leaving for Watford in January 1997.

Even though Rosenthal couldn’t repeat the success he had with the Reds, he still keeps an eye on Spurs, and brought his opinion on the difficult time they’re having this season.

First asked only about Tottenham’s form, Rosenthal told Tutto Mercato Web“I think some elements are not strong enough for a team that have to try to win the title. I think of Lamela, who’s been in London for many years but I don’t think he has the necessary qualities. Nothing to say on a technical level, but he doesn’t have the speed for the Premier League.

“Even Dier, who plays regularly, doesn’t convince me, as well as Davies on the left. In the last game Tanganga was used at right-back, then replaced from Doherty. All this with a multifaceted and quality player like Sissoko on the bench. For me it’s inconceivable.”

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Rosenthal was also quizzed about the ‘mystery’ surrounding Gareth Bale, who has been ‘ignored’ for much of the season by manager José Mourinho.

“Which I can’t explain. Of course, I’m not at the training camp and I can’t evaluate his work in the week but I think a player like him needs to be employed regularly to make the best of it. The fact that he’s always excluded surprises me.”

On Mourinho’, with Tutto Mercato Web saying that his introduction should mean that Tottenham would be fighting for titles, the former player says the Portuguese manager must stay for longer to achieve his goals.

“I think he has the possibility to solve the problems, he must be given time. But there’s no doubt that this Tottenham must do better than they’ve shown so far.”