Earlier on Wednesday we covered claims from Gazzetta dello Sport that Emerson Palmieri is a target for Inter Milan, and it wouldn’t be too difficult a signing for the club to complete.

The fullback’s lack of game time at Chelsea since Maurizio Sarri took over is seen as a problem for his international place. Roberto Mancini has shown faith in the player since taking over as Italy manager, but that becomes harder to do if he’s not getting enough time on the pitch for his English club.

Those Inter rumours have been bouncing around in the Italian media for the rest of the day, and it’s led FCInterNews to contact the player’s agent, or at least one of his representatives.

The club specific website has spoken to Fernando Garcia, who is described as ‘one of the player’s agents’.

Garcia went some way to talking up potential interest in his client, but didn’t do the same for a January transfer, believing Chelsea would be unlikely to go for it right now.

I think all the big European teams would like to have a great player like Emerson Palmieri on their staff,” said Garcia. “There was some interest, but nothing formal, so nothing for now. I cannot talk about the clubs that have consulted us. I do not think the player can leave Chelsea now.”