Alberto Moreno is in the fortunate position of being able to choose his next club and also having a variety of clubs keen on his services, according to Estadio Deportivo.

The Liverpool fullback sees his Anfield contract expire at the end of June and for some time, indeed for years, there’s been talk of a return to his former club Sevilla.

Leaving the Spanish side was an emotional time for Moreno and there’s always been something of an assumption that he’ll return there at some point, and as a free agent would be perfect for Sevilla.

But there’s competition, with Estadio Deportivo, a Seville sport newspaper, explaining the Liverpool player has ‘dizzying offers’.

There’s been several from the Premier League, interest in Serie A, and also offers from Turkey and Russia.

However, Moreno isn’t just going to jump for the money. It’s explained he values a good place for his family to live and prominence in a team, and the insinuation is that Sevilla would still enjoy an advantage.