On Tuesday, Super Deporte went huge on Sandro Ramirez to Everton.

Not only did the potential January transfer get the Valencia newspaper’s front page, it also then got a double spread on pages 2 and 3. As far as making a story big goes, Super Deporte couldn’t really have done much more.

So, we expected more from their Wednesday edition, but there’s nothing until the back page. That doesn’t mean there’s been a wobble in the newspaper’s insistence the Everton  transfer is wanted, and very possible for the winter window.

Vicente Bau, who is prominent across the Valencia CF media, refers to the Super Deporte claims, and explains just how likely the transfer is. Marcelino has given his approval, the Valencia sporting director is keen, and even the club’s owner has provided the thumbs up.

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Therefore, as Bau explains, ‘that means having almost everything’.

Valencia just need to hope Everton’s new manager doesn’t ‘try and invent what is already invented’.

That means Sam Allardyce just needs to keep his nose out and not decide against the transfer, which would pretty much kill it for Valencia.

All power now to Big Sam.