As the Spanish media continues to highlight Aitor Karanka’s 10th anniversary as a manager, Middlesbrough continue being mentioned as one of the great jobs he’s had in his career so far.

It’s now Cadena Ser who features an interview with the coach, recalling all the jobs he’s done.

Speaking of his promotion with Middlesbrough to the Premier League, they asked Karanka what marks him most about that campaign, and he had some specific memories to share.

“It makes a huge difference because the Championship is a very unknown league. It’s a league that, if you look at it, there are incredible teams that until recently were playing in the Champions League,” Karanka told Cadena SER.

“You go to the stadiums and they are all full. There is one thing that will stay with me forever, and that is the third half that is so much talked about: sharing things with the coaching staff and the staff of the opponents… The respect that is created gets you hooked and then the intensity and how you experience everything there. It’s incredible.”

The outlet also mentions that Karanka used to be one of the two people who worked the most at Middlesbrough. The other being Avril Chilton, who was in charge of cleaning.

“Yes (laughs). But that’s my way of understanding things. Now I don’t train and I dedicate myself mainly to enjoying what I can’t do when I’m training. When I’m training, I’m 100% focused on my work. Although you enjoy it, it’s not the same. When it’s time to enjoy, it’s time to enjoy, but when you have to work, you have to give your all there.”

Following his 168 games in charge of Middlesbrough, Karanka left the club in March 2017. He then worked at Nottingham Forest, Birmingham City, Granada and Maccabi Tel Aviv, having left the Israeli club last summer.

The Spanish media has been making a big thing out of his 10th anniversary as a manager, and maybe that will end up being good propaganda for him to get a chance to work in the major leagues again.