There’s yet another Catalan article on the future of David Lopez, a potential renewal, and a possible move to Fulham this summer.

Mundo Deportivo report Lopez’s agent is set to meet Espanyol on Tuesday afternoon and the club will present their latest renewal offer for the central defender.

The contract includes a financial upgrade on what the Spaniard is currently being paid, but there’s a downside.

The improvement isn’t as much as Lopez was ‘promised’ a year ago.

That means that not only have the club been continually stalling since that time, so Lopez has missed out on the increased wages during that period, but he’ll now be offered less.

He’s losing out twice.

A decision will likely be made today on what happens, and Mundo Deportivo reports Fulham ‘continue to press’ to make the transfer happen.

Whilst no figures are mentioned in this specific article, it’s stated the Premier League club have made an ‘important economic proposal’.