El Confidencial won’t let go of Tottenham interest in Gareth Bale, now claiming the player’s agent Jonathan Barnett is well aware of Spurs’ desire to bring the player back.

The Spanish news source has been standout good on big Real Madrid exits over the past few years and that’s why it’s so odd they continue to push a scenario which seems so unlikely.

Whilst Bale leaving Real Madrid this summer wouldn’t be a surprise, with El Confidencial again saying the player wants a move, Spurs paying the money needed, and actually wanting to, just seems absurd.

Ahead of a potential transfer, the asking price has now gone up to €120m, with it being explained Florentino Perez wants to use English transfer fee ‘inflation’ to get more money.

Before we get to the more entertaining part of that, it’s worst pointing out that one of the most inflationary transfers of recent times was Ousmane Dembele going to Barcelona, a fee which surpassed any English craziness.

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For the Tottenham claims to have any grounding we’d all have to believe Mauricio Pochettino wants Bale, who turns 29 in June, and Daniel Levy would be willing to smash the wage ceiling.

Even if Bale took a big pay cut, he’d still expect more than what it’s been reported Toby Alderweireld has been looking for. If Tottenham pushed their wage ceiling higher, then other players would surely want increases too.

If that can be believed, by some way of Tottenham using commercial income and image rights to make a tangle of Bale’s wages, then the next step would be fee.

Given the Spanish media have repeatedly presented Perez as almost terrified of Levy, and given that as one of the major reasons Real Madrid won’t pursue Harry Kane, then it doesn’t also fit that Madrid’s ‘inflation’ tactics could work.

Levy would no doubt spend quite some time chuckling at such a prospect.

There’s a perception in Spain that Premier League clubs can almost be taken for fools when it comes to transfer fees, but this scenario certainly doesn’t fit Levy and Tottenham, especially when also involving Perez.