Over the past few days Chelsea have been taken to the verge of signing Danilo from Real Madrid, and then rowed back a little.

Spanish newspaper Marca had reported a deal was very possible, and Brazilian reports suggested one was in the pipeline, but neither source said a deal was done, and it was then twisted to farm attention on social media.

That suggested to Chelsea supporters that things were further down the line than they actually are, and Marca clear up the situation in their Friday edition.

Real Madrid’s asking price for the Brazilian is €35m, which Chelsea haven’t quite reached yet. Marca explain it’s gone quiet for a few days because Roman Abramovich is playing a patience game.

The Spanish newspaper say:The club president Roman Abramovich is letting the days go by in an attempt to undercut Madrid’s asking price somewhat, but the deal seems close.’

Marca believe it’s Chelsea who will budge and go in strong to get the defender, rather than Madrid coming down too much on price.

Just like with Alvaro Morata, they’d be happy for Danillo to stay, and that means there’s no eagerness to accept a lower price.

Antonio Conte is said to be ‘insistent’, feeling Danilo will suit his system well.

Despite a deal being close, Marca say Madrid would happily count on the player next season if a transfer collapses, otherwise they have to look at alternatives.