The Seville sport media are getting Real Betis fans excited about Gaston Ramirez. Again being pushed towards the exit by his agent, but, also again, it doesn’t seem like Ramirez is fighting it, the Uruguayan is being hailed as possible good transfer.

There are barriers in the way of a deal. Firstly, Betis would prefer a loan, as they almost always do. Despite being a big Spanish club, Betis aren’t flush, and their finances always come into question for transfers.

Middlesbrough obviously wouldn’t want to send Gaston on loan, if the player leaves then permanently washing their hands of the whole circus is the best scenario. Otherwise, a season of comments to the Spanish media, making a Middlesbrough return impossible and thus talking down transfer value, is an outcome easy to imagine.

If Betis are to go for a permanent deal then it’s not going to be for a big fee, the Seville side would likely start their bidding at less than €5m. Even if a fee can be agreed, there’s going to be a problem matching Gaston’s wage demands, and any agent fees.

Despite that, the transfer is being built up and Estadio Deportivo have polled fans. Asked a straight ‘Do you like Gaston Ramirez as a choice for Betis?’, as the poll currently stands, more than 80% say ‘Si’.

Spanish clubs have been known to be influenced by fan opinion, so these polls aren’t always just for fun.