Just a few days ago, Ipswich Town manager Kieran McKenna was recommended by a Dutch pundit to Ajax.

Reports from the Dutch media claimed that as the Eredivisie side look for a new boss, the 37-year-old would be a potential option, and could fit the Eredivisie giants perfectly.

Now as Catalan newspaper Sport shares a story on Ajax’s mission, it seems the Ipswich Town boss isn’t the strongest option, as they may be keeping an eye on Barcelona as well.

The website claims Xavi Hernandez is in the list of candidates the Dutch club have, as the Spaniard fits the requirements.

The Barcelona boss is expected to leave the club at the end of the season, even though they’re said to be hopeful of changing his mind, so he should be free in the market.

A sabbatical year is said to be the most likely scenario for him, though, so it would be hard for Ajax to convince him.

Kieran McKenna’s star is rising, with his achievements at Ipswich Town getting him attention around Europe and beyond.