Diogo Jota is one of the many Portuguese players who’ve spoken to their home country’s media over the past week. The Wolverhampton star was interviewed by newspaper Record in a long chat.

The conversation has obviously started with the winger talking about the Coronavirus crisis, and then went on to talk about managing Telford and having an old soft-spot for Everton.

“I think the country took a while to react in relation to others in Europe. It took a little longer to take action. And as I was always following what was happening in Portugal, I already guessed what was going to happen here,” Diogo Jota told Record.

Regarding the Premier League title, the 23-year-old says he’d consider it fair to give Liverpool the trophy.

“This question is very complicated… So, in the event that we have the misfortune of not ending the season, I think that few people will be able to oppose this. Of course, there are always rival clubs that could be against that, but I think 95% of people would agree. For me they would be fair champions.”

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Regarding his decision to leave Atletico Madrid to join a Championship side back in 2017, Record asked him if the move had something to do with his love for Football Manager.

“By chance, right now I’m training Telford in Football Manager, which is a team here in the area… and I’ve made it to the Premier League. But to tell you the truth, I’m in 2029.

“But it’s true that this was a crucial moment, because many people, including my family, supported me, but standing back. Because I came from a team that fought for titles in Portugal, FC Porto, and that played the Champions League.”

Record also mentioned that in another interview, Jota said he used to watch Premier League matches with his grandfather. So they’ve asked him if he had a favourite club.

“I used to love to see Everton, especially playing at home. It wasn’t a club that fought for the title but that always made life very complicated for the big ones. And I loved that drive and competitiveness. They were terrific.”

Jota was also asked to pick his favourite players in the Premier League. A goalkeeper, a defender, a midfielder and a striker.

“Goalkeeper, Alisson. Especially because I still haven’t managed to score against him, which I hope to resolve quickly. He’s world-class. Defence, would say Van Dijk, also for his physical power. In midfield Kevin de Bruyne, for me the best midfielder in the world. For striker, Agüero.”