With many agents and club board members being investigated in Portugal, not even Jorge Mendes could escape the process. He’s one of those target by Public Ministry operation Cartão Vermelho, Red Card.

The representative had old phone calls wiretapped, and with the local media releasing small bits of it every day, today it’s time for them to reveal something that was said at the time Benfica sold João Félix.

As reported by Record, a conversation between Mendes and Bruno Maruta included the discussion of options the winger had at the time. And one of them, which turned out to be the agent’s favourite, was to move to Manchester City.

The conversation started with the proposals Benfica had received, and the representative claimed he was the one bringing several offers.

“Vieira insisted on me to have proposals of 120 million and I already got four. Now there’s a problem because he can only go to one and there’s one that gives 120 million and he stays for another year, which is what he wants to do,” said Mendes.

Then Mendes explained why he’d rather see his client moving to Manchester City.

“The best thing for João Félix would be Manchester City because of Guardiola. It will be the most expensive transfer in Portuguese football.”

João Félix joined Atletico Madrid in a €127m move in the summer of 2019, being Benfica’s record sale to this day.

He has 22 goals and 12 assists in 94 appearances for the Colchoneros so far, and was recently linked with a Premier League move… to Manchester City.