Portuguese newspaper Record on Sunday featured a front page with Sporting star Jovane, who’s expected to be one of the club’s biggest stars this season.

Most of the interview was about the expectations for the upcoming campaign, as after winning the league title in May, the pressure is now on for another trophy.

Now despite all the talk about Jovane being an important player for Sporting, Record also wanted to know about the chance of a move this summer, as he’s been linked to Watford recently.

They were very straightforward pointing out that he’s been linked to the Hornets and asking him what he can say about his future.

And the winger made sure to dodge that question.

“Right now I’m focused on Sporting and I want to help the club. I’m a Sporting player and I just have to focus on that,” Jovane told Record.

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Record insisted a little by asking if he wants to stay at Sporting for the 2021/22 season.

“Yes, I want to help the club; if the club count on me, I’m up for it, no doubt.”

Then the journalists tried a little harder by asking him if he likes to know the things that happen in the transfer market or if he leaves them aside. But Jovane stood his ground.

“As I said, I’m totally focused on Sporting, who are my club.”

Watford were linked to Jovane a few times in June. It was claimed that the Hornets had been speaking to Sporting about a move, and the Lions would like to sell the winger for between €15m and €20m.