Earlier on Monday we covered claims from France that Sunderland have joined Middlesbrough with their interest in signing Jese Rodriguez.

The forward’s move from Real Madrid to PSG hasn’t been working out and both the player, and his current club, are keen on parting ways.

Jese had been keen on signing for Las Palmas, given it’s where he’s from, but the Gran Canaria club simply can’t afford to match his wages, or contribute enough to please PSG, and that opens the door further for Middlesbrough, Sunderland and anyone else interested.

Canarias7 has been speaking to Las Palmas president Miguel Angel Ramirez and he was frank and explained why Jese is out of their reach: “I can pay the salary of Jese, but La Liga won’t let me because of Financial Fair Play.”

Ramirez also added, without mentioning Middlesbrough or Sunderland directly: “…in England they are willing to pay everything (in terms of salary) and also to PSG.”

This is one that could drag through the final week of the transfer window. Sunderland and Middlesbrough may well be advised to carry some character checks before going ahead with a deal.