Unless you’re on some other planet, you probably know by now that Lionel Messi has reportedly asked to leave Barcelona.

Several claims from the Argentine media were released all at once, and Spanish outlets are now starting to confirm the news.

But what’s really being said? We’ve selected the most interesting points of the reports so the situation can seem a little clearer.

TyC Sports were the first to break the news in Argentina at 1:56PM local time. They report Messi will try to trigger the clause which allows him to terminate his contract with Barcelona before the start of the 2020/21 season.

But they also warn that his departure should face some ‘tough negotiations’, since it isn’t guaranteed that he’ll be able to use the clause.

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Olé, the biggest sports newspaper in the country, came up with their report at 2:02pm. They bring quotes which summarise the situation.

“Leo Messi has communicated to FC Barcelona via BuroFax he wants to leave the club. The Argentine player would take advantage of the clause of his contract that allows him to unilaterally terminate the contract at the end of this season.”

For those wondering what BuroFax is, that’s a service offered by the Spanish mail which is used to send urgent documents. It’s signed by all parties involved, and can be used as proof in court if needed.

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It was then time for the Spanish press to confirm the claims, mostly repeating what was said in Argentina. It’s only Mundo Deportivo who brought a more interesting take.

The outlet confirms that Barcelona’s lawyers received the document sent by Messi. However, they point out that in his contract, it was stated that the clause could only be triggered before the 10th of June. The player, on the other hand, believes the season has just ended and he still has the right to use it.

Mundo Deportivo also quotes Onda Cero to say that Messi ‘doesn’t have any intention’ to join Barcelona’s squad on Monday, when they start their preseason under Ronald Koeman.

Messi’s wish to leave Barcelona was first reported by Brazilian outlet Esporte Interativo back on August 16th.