Aboubakar A Bola August 15thLast week, we’ve covered an article from A Bola which said that West Ham, Middlesbrough and Leicester were interested in the Porto striker Vincent Aboubakar.

Now A Bola has a short update on Monday, saying the deal with the Hammers is quite possible.

First, they take claims from the British press which said West Ham would be ready to make a €10m bid for the player.

This amount would please the Portuguese club and put the decision in their hands. There’s also information of Besiktas trying to sign the player on loan as they would be offering €3m for the spell.

However, we’ve made a search in the British press and didn’t find any articles saying West Ham would be ready to advance.

We don’t believe A Bola would make this up, since they could simply publish the information as their own, but it’s also quite possible they’ve misunderstood some articles from the weekend which were republishing the info from their own paper.

In any case, the claims saying Porto would like the €10m offer seem to be their own, so it’s now up to the Hammers to open negotiations or not.