Things haven’t been great for Chicharito Hernández at Los Angeles Galaxy, and his poor performances aren’t the only problem.

The striker joined the MLS side in a €8.5m deal back in January, and could only score one goal in nine matches for the club so far.

Besides a non-impressive record, it seems his fame for being a former Manchester United, Real Madrid, and, later, West Ham player has been an issue at this stage of his career.

ESPN reports that the player’s ego at Los Angeles Galaxy is making him isolated from the rest of the squad. It’s journalist Diego Cora who has the information, claiming this has been an issue in several places Chicharito has been throughout his career.

“They began to tell me more details about the legend. It’s Cristiano Ronaldo and Messi together, they think. ‘How?’ I said. Come on, he only speaks with a player of the same nationality, I imagine it must be Jonathan dos Santos, he doesn’t talk to the rest, the players look at him from the side and he thinks he’s a mega star.”

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“When he was at Leverkusen, I had to cover him once, and many around the club said he was an ‘ego man’. At West Ham they told me something similar and now the same thing. One of his teammates says that he thinks he’s Cristiano Ronaldo and he’s a former player.

“I looked for Javier Hernández’s goals in the last five years. Real Madrid 2015, 23 goals, Leverkusen, first season, 14 goals and he played little. In 2017 there were nine. At West Ham he was the best paid and had nine goals in the time he was there. At Sevilla it was seven goals, it was little. Now a goal this season with the Galaxy. From that side, the performance, you can see that for what they pay him, which is to be a scorer, the performance has dropped.”

Chicharito’s time at LA Galaxy isn’t the only problem for the 32-year-old right now. The striker was left out of Mexico’s squad for the last international break, and the local media has been wondering if he’ll ever be called up again.