The agent representing West Ham United’s Mohammed Kudus has hit back at claims from journalist Valentijn Driessen regarding the player.

That’s according to Voetbal Zone, who cover the agent’s comments today and Driessen’s lack of concern over potential repercussions from them.

Driessen criticised the former Ajax man, who joined West Ham in a big money move in the summer, over the weekend, claiming he’d heard that the forward cannot keep up with the pace at the London Stadium.

He then followed that up by claiming he’d heard from sources that Kudus is actually five years older than he says he is, a statement which was challenged at the time by the presenter of the show he was talking on.

That presenter, Pim Sedee, pointed out that similar accusations are often thrown at African players, with various ones down the years having been subjected to it.

His agent Jennifer Mendelewitsch followed that up with more strength in her response, accusing Driessen of false allegations and racist stereotypes.

“This is absolutely not true,” Kudus’ agent told Voetbal Primeur.

“We will not tolerate these false allegations. This is clearly based on racist stereotypes. We will take whatever legal action is necessary against Mr. Driessen and his false racist claims.

“Maybe Driessen should think about his own age, which is clearly approaching retirement age.”

Driessen is having none of that, though, and instead hit back at the response while insisting he will get away with what he’s said about the West Ham player, simply because of the way he said it.

“Just listen to it again. I think I said: The rumour is…” he said.

Presenter Pim Sedee then responded; “You didn’t say it was that way, did you? You’re going to get away with this, I think. You know exactly what you’re doing. have to say.

“Of course, I’m going to get away with this. I know what to say, yes,” added Driessen.