Felipe Anderson returning to Lazio looks like it’s actually happening.

After several weeks of the media close to the Rome side getting very excited about the potential move, the club started direct talks with the Hammers. Perhaps surprisingly, the Premier League club have been incredibly accommodating, at least according to claims from Italy.

Initially it had been suggested that Lazio would pay around €8m for a transfer, deferring completion until next summer. Then it was claimed the Serie A club could even get him for free, as long as they agreed to give Davis Moyes’ side a percentage of a future sale.

Corriere della Sera‘s Rome edition now states West Ham have ‘reached an agreement’ with Lazio. That agreement will see the Brazilian move for €3m, and the English club will take 50% of the proceeds of any future move.

Maurizio Sarri wants the deal done ahead of Saturday, so Felipe Anderson can be ready for the club’s preseason training camp. Even if the deal missed that date, it’s not thought to be a big issue and there’s confidence that this one is just a matter of time.