Sunday saw the launch of stories in the Portuguese media about Sporting interest in Zeno Debast. More than one newspaper had the claims, and it felt like the whole thing had something behind it, rather than being grasped from thin air.

Those claims continue on Monday, which gives further weight to the idea Sporting interest in Debast is serious. That reliability is interesting for West Ham United… because they get a mention too.

Firstly, let’s have a look at Debast and why Sporting, and reportedly West Ham, want him.

The 20-year-old has played 34 games for Anderlecht this season as a central defender. He’s also a Belgium international and will be hoping, and probably expecting, to go to the Euros in the summer.

Sporting are keen because their pair of Ousmane Diomande and Goncalo Inacio are both wanted by other clubs, mainly in the Premier League.

According to the O Jogo report, Anderlecht want €15m+, and Sporting, despite expecting to get well over €100m combined for the above two players, will plead poverty to try and agree a cheaper deal.

West Ham are said to be ‘pressuring’ Anderlecht to sell Debast to them, and they’re not the only other club involved.

That €15m sounds like a good deal, and the Hammers would probably consider that even as an initial payment with potential bonuses added on.

Bonuses could be key for West Ham, so Anderlecht can brag about a big headline figure and the Hammers can know that will only be paid should Debast be worth it.