With hospitals the world over struggling due to the increased demand caused by Coronavirus, any help they can get is more than welcome.

We’ve already seen several footballers do their best in that regard, making donations via their foundations or charities they support.

The list continues to grow by the day, and it seems West Ham’s Pablo Fornals can be added to it.

El Periòdico Mediterráneo reports that the midfielder, who is from Castelló in Spain, has donated to his local hospital in an attempt to ease the burden on the struggling service.

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It’s explained that both the West Ham man and his family think highly of the hospital after the treatment their grandfather received there, so wanted to do their part to help.

They became aware there is a shortage of ‘health resources’ to combat COVID-19 so made a ‘financial contribution’ so the hospital could buy the necessary equipment.

The extent of that donation isn’t made clear, but that’s hardly important. Like other footballers who’ve done the same, Fornals has shown he is a footballer with his head in the right place in these difficult times.

West Ham fans will undoubtedly be impressed by his efforts, and presumably hoping those in charge at the club, namely Karen Brady, can take a leaf out of his book in future.