Optimism has broken out in Portugal over Filip Krovinovic moving to West Brom. Saturday saw claims of Benfica beginning to lose patience with the Baggies, as they pushed for a loan deal.

That deal would have seen West Brom pay around €10m next summer, but only if they avoided relegation back to the Championship. The Lisbon club didn’t feel this was a good enough deal, and instead wanted the €10m to be guaranteed.

A Bola now reports that the move is ‘imminent’. Progress in negotiations has seen a quickening, and the midfielder could return to the English club within days.

The basis of the deal is a loan again, and there’s not yet any clarity on the clause, so it’s hard to tell which side has won in the negotiations. Benfica are obliged to publish the financial details of their transfers, so once the deal has been completed the clauses will be clear.

Krovinovic has been training with friends in Portugal, with Benfica not requiring him to attend their facilities.