Transfer windows in general are very frustrating because, most of the time, there’s a lot of talk about thousands of things that could happen when, in fact, nothing is happening at all.

Take the Gonzalo Higuain to Arsenal rumour, for example.

For the past month or so, that’s pretty much all the Italian press have been talking about, and we’re exactly where we were at the beginning.

As things stand, Napoli refuse to sell, the Higuains aren’t the happiest pair of brothers in the world and Arsenal still don’t have a new striker.

This stubbornness from the Serie A club, which seems perfectly reasonable, means that Arsène Wenger is getting a tad frustrated, and Gazzetta dello Sport on Monday suggest he might have started looking elsewhere for his next goalscorer.

The Italian newspaper state Arsenal seem to have moved onto Mauro Icardi and the idea of forcing an Alexandre Lacazette exit from Lyon, but that’s likely to be just them picking up other reports and sticking the names in there.

Arsenal’s reported offer of €60m + Giroud is also mentioned, and Gazzetta hint that’s probably as high as they will go for now as they seem to distance themselves from Higuain.

The player, down his end, isn’t a happy bunny and Gazzetta say it’s unlikely he will show up at training camp on the 25th of July.

That’s only a week away, and it’ll be interesting to see what happens then.