Most times the Brazilian media feature a story about Yan Couto, they can’t ignore the fact that he belongs to Manchester City.

The fullback may not have made a single appearance for Pep Guardiola’s side yet, but since he’s been their player since 2020, there’s always some hope he’ll get to play for them some day.

Couto is currently out with Brazil’s national team in the Copa América preparations, and Globo Esporte features a long interview with him.

His bond with Manchester City was not ignored, and he had some long quotes about his time belonging to the club.

The fullback recalled what was said at the time Pep Guardiola’s signed him, and is still not sure whether he could be playing for them in the next season.

“When I was signed, I had several meetings with City. They explained the project, that I would be loaned out. There were clubs like Barcelona and Bayern, but I accepted because I wasn’t a member of the group, but of Manchester City itself. There are two methods: either you go to the club or to the group. Often, youngsters are bought to play in alternative leagues in the method of buying cheap and selling high. A business deal.

“It wasn’t what I wanted for my career, but I accepted because I knew I’d get minutes. Start at the bottom, but play. I gained a lot of experience, every season I played 2,500 minutes, 3,000. I’ve improved a lot. Our relationship is very good. Every two or three months, there’s always someone at the club.

“With Guardiola, I did pre-season in 2021 with City, he liked me a lot, Fernandinho helped me a lot. It was good, it was nice. It’s a club that has helped me grow a lot in many ways, that gives very good support and is growing not just the club, but the group. I think their project is great and we’ll see what’s in store for us next season. We’ll see everything after the Copa América.”

Manchester City spent €6m to sign Couto from Coritiba back in 2020. They immediately sent him on loan to Girona, then SC Braga and Girona again.

He had a very positive season in Spain, leading him to the national team, and we shall soon get to see if Guardiola was watching that.